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The Running of the Bulls, New Orleans

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Run with the bulls in New Orleans - it's more safe and fun than in Spain.

Something extraordinary happens in New Orleans every July – something even more unusual and wonderful than you might expect. It is the annual Running of the Bulls. And it is remarkable.

Instead of flying to Pamplona, Spain, book a room in your favorite New Orleans Bed and Breakfast for the weekend of July 9, 2011. New Orleans “bulls” aren’t as dangerous as the horned beasts who draw crowds in Spain. In New Orleans, the bulls are members of the New Orleans-based flat-track derby team known as the Big Easy Rollergirls.

If you dare to run, you may be “gored” by one of these bulls. Don’t worry – the wiffle ball bats they use to thwack slow runners haven’t sent anyone to the hospital yet. But they have caused a fair amount of fun and hilarity.

In typical New Orleans fashion, what began as a one day event has mushroomed into a three day event. Enjoy Spanish food and wine at The Chicory on Friday, July 8, and La Fiesta de Pantalones (The Pants Party) at 12 Bar on Fulton at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Anyone may participate in this free event. So pack a white shirt, white pants or shorts, and a red scarf, and head to New Orleans on July 8, 2011, for the Running of the Bulls.

Additional information is available at Nolabulls. Visit New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts for a list of inns.

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