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Simply Experience New Orleans

August 30th, 2011 by bbnola

Living the Blues

Experience New Orleans to the fullest extent.

New Orleans is a city of festivals, food, and fun. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, art galleries, museums, and historic sites abound. You can run yourself ragged while in New Orleans, trying to see and do and taste as much as possible. That’s not a bad thing, but there is another way.

Simply experience New Orleans. Find a spot to sit, and watch the city as it moves and breathes around you. Find a place to sip a cup of coffee and nibble a beignet as you listen to the locals and tourists come and go. Find a place to listen to music, inside or outside, professional or busker, and let the rhythm flow through you.

The innkeepers of your New Orleans Bed and Breakfast should be able to help you find such spots. They’ll know where to find the best buskers, the strongest coffee and most mouthwatering beignets. They’ll know the best people-watching spots in the city. Ask them, then head out for a day of doing not much at all – but experiencing everything – in New Orleans.


New Orleans Multicultural Museums

August 19th, 2011 by bbnola

new orleans - june11

The Backstreet Cultural Museum in New Orleans.

When summer temperatures soar, ducking into a New Orleans museum is one of the best activities you can do. Given the wonderful multiculturalism of New Orleans,  an exploration of New Orleans Multicultural Museums is a good place to start. Ask the innkeepers of your New Orleans Bed and Breakfast about their favorite multicultural museums, or simply visit them all.

Mardi Gras enthusiasts should start at The Backstreet Cultural Museum in the Tremé neighborhood. No other place in the world houses such comprehensive exhibits on New Orleans’ African American community-based masking and processional traditions. Many of these items were given to the museum’s founder, Sylvester Francis, who has photographed and recorded Mardi Gras celebrations, second-line parades, and jazz funerals throughout the city for decades.

Le Musée de f.p.c. is a beautiful house museum honoring the legacy of New Orleans’ free people of color. New Orleans was  home to one of the oldest and largest populations of free people of color prior to the Civil War. Some of these folks were born free, others arrived from the Caribbean Islands free, and still others worked and saved their money and purchased their own freedom. This is a fascinating museum.

New Orleans African American Museum protects, preserves, and promotes the communities of African Americans in New Orleans and the African diaspora. Particular emphasis is placed on the Tremé community, where the museum is located and which is the oldest surviving black community in the country. Exhibits change regularly, and focus on contemporary issues and art as well as historic ones.

There is so much to do and see in New Orleans that deciding where to start can be overwhelming. If your stay in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast coincides with a few hot days, start in one of the museums mentioned above.

Southern Decadence 2011

August 10th, 2011 by bbnola

Southern Decadence , New Orleans 2007

The 2007 Southern Decadence parade

Southern Decadence, also known as Gay Mardi Gras, takes place annually over Labor Day Weekend. This year, the event runs from Wednesday, August 31 through Monday, September 5, 2011. Openings are still available at New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts.

New Orleans is known for its tolerance. From it’s inception, it has been a haven for folks of all backgrounds, cultures, and colors. Though tension has arisen over the years, in general the city has dealt with differences by celebrating them. Parades and festivals are inclusive, rather than exclusive, and it’s hard to frown when you’re dancing.

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Coolinary New Orleans

August 4th, 2011 by bbnola

Most everyone is thinking about household budgets this year, but that doesn’t mean that travel has to stop. It does mean that travelers are looking for more deals than ever before: lower airfare, discounted lodging, and other specials. That’s why August is such a good time to travel to New Orleans.

Several of our member New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts are currently offering specials. At Auld Sweet Olive Bed and Breakfast, guests who stay four nights pay for only three nights. At Oakview Bed and Breakfast, guests who stay for two nights get a third night free. B&W Courtyards is discounting two of their rooms for guests who stay at least 2 nights.

Try the grilled flank steak and special cocktail-du-jour at Mesón 923. Photo from Mesón 923.

There’s another good reason to travel to New Orleans this month: Coolinary New Orleans. Throughout the month of August, many of the city’s most famous and well-regarded restaurants offer deep discounts for lunch and dinner (perfect for guests of New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts, who enjoy the first meal of the day at their lodging). Participating restaurants offer two-course luncheons for $20 or less, and three-course dinners for 35$ or less.

This is a great time for experienced and novice foodies to visit New Orleans. It’s the ideal time to break old habits and try a new type of cuisine or a new dish. Bring your appetite and plan to eat your way through New Orleans this August!

A list of participating restaurants and their special menus is available at Coolinary New Orleans.

Please see New Orleans Bed and Breakfast Specials for a list of B&Bs currently offering specials.

Photo from Mesón 923.