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Come to New Orleans this season, and support the Saints.

The Saints came into being in 1967 and showed their stuff right away by having the most wins for an expansion team in their first season. Yet victory was scarce those first years, as the team went through its inevitable growing pains. Things started to turn around as the Saints neared their 20th anniversary. In 1986, RB Bueben Mayes was named Rookie of the Year and went to the Pro Bowl along with LB Rickey Jackson and K Morten Anderson. In 1987, the Saints had nine consecutive wins, their first ever winning season, and they went to the playoffs. In 1988, their second consecutive winning season, they had their biggest win in history.

There have been many high points since then, including their first game in the Superdrome after Katrina, a 23-3 victory on Monday Night Football. The penultimate moment is undoubtedly their Super Bowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts on February 7, 2010.

What will this season hold? Come find out.

Fans, support the New Orleans Saints whenever you can, especially on their home turf. New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts will welcome you. There is no better city to visit, and no better team to cheer. Have you seen the Saints pregame chants? They make you want to dance as much as win.

Yes, even football is infused with music in New Orleans.

Check out the New Orleans Saints Schedule. Then look through our member New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts. Come to New Orleans to support your team this season, as often as you can.

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