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What to Know Before You Go: Mardi Gras

So, you’ve made the decision to attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Firstly: Welcome to the biggest party in America! If this is your first time, we have some important information to share with you which will make your experience better. Here we go, Laissez les bons temps rouler!

1. Comfortable Shoes
While you may be tempted to wear something sexy or stylish – don’t. The streets will be packed and dirty. Pick shoes with closed toes that are comfortable for you to walk in for most of the day, because you certainly won’t be driving anywhere in New Orleans during Carnival!

2. Claim a Spot near a Restroom
Try to find a place to watch the parades near a bathroom. Whether this is a bar or restaurant where you can keep your cup full (most businesses will want you to purchase something to use their bathroom) or near port-o-potties (if you’re brave – or broke!) make sure you have access to this essential element, without having to walk a half mile away.

Me and my girlfriends at Mardi Gras 2011. We had tons of fun making our costumes!

Krewe of Zulu rolling on Fat Tuesday morning through the French Quarter. This Krewe is famous for throwing coconuts, as well as beads and other goodies.

3. Know Your Parades
There are many parades that take place all over the city during the carnival season. Some take place as early as January 19th. However, the main festivities start on the Friday before Fat Tuesday and culminate that Tuesday. Choose the parades you want to attend before hand so you can scout out what part of the city they march.

Note the footwear: comfortable and durable. Essential for Mardi Gras success!

The Mardi Gras New Orleans website has a great listing of all the parades taking place, where they roll and some information about the Krewes that host. They also have a mobile app you can download for your smartphone with parade route info.

4. Wear a Costume
No, I mean it, WEAR A COSTUME!! It doesn’t matter how fabulous or simple it is, just get in the spirit with some Mardi Gras colors, a mask or more! Southern Louisianan’s LOVE costumes and you’ll fit right in if you get a little dressed up – plus, it’s just more fun!

Wanna Know More Facts about Mardi Gras Beads, Parades and Routes?

Ask a New Orleans Innkeeper! While most of our member New Orleans bed and breakfasts are completely booked for Mardi Gras 2013, get a personalized experience by staying at a bed and breakfast. Make sure to book several months in advance for next year. Your innkeepers will have insights that can make your Mardi Gras experience great, not stressful. Plus, a lovingly-made homemade breakfast the morning after a day and night of Mardi Gras craziness? It will be the best breakfast you’ve ever had!


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    What a great post. I know when I go to Mardi Gras what to expect and I will be prepared.

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