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Get Out of Town – On A New Orleans Swamp Tour!

New Orleans Swamp Tour - Alligator sunning on a log

New Orleans’ reputation as a festival town is well deserved. We do have an awful lot of fun here! That’s not all New Orleans has to offer, however. After you’ve seen all the museums, shops, and parades, why not get back to nature with a New Orleans swamp tour!

It really can be difficult to see past the French Quarter and Bourbon Street when visiting New Orleans. What many people don’t realize is that the natural world is not that far away. If you’re not familiar with the bayou, visiting it can be just as vibrant and exciting as any Mardi Gras parade.

New Orleans Swamp Tour - Tri-colored HeronOn a New Orleans swap tour, you’ll see age-old cypresses laden with Spanish moss as your craft floats lazily along. Depending on the season, you’ll be treated to lovely and uncommon blossoms, such as spider lilies and giant blue irises. The lush growth of ferns, grasses and trees makes the bayou seem like another world – and it really is!

Wildlife in the bayous will captivate you, with chances to safely observe wild alligators, banded water snakes, nutria, a variety of herons and other water-fowl, deer, and more. You just never know what you’ll see on a New Orleans swamp tour!

Another popular sight during the tours are old, dilapidated swamp shacks. That’s right: people have lived (and do live) here as well. Your guide will undoubtedly tell you about the fascinating history and culture of Cajun people, along with information on the swamp plants and animals.

New Orleans Swamp Tour - Cajun swamp shackThere are lots of different ways to see the swamps and bayous of Louisiana, with just as many companies offering a New Orleans swamp tour. You can venture into the bayou with a guide aboard a kayak or canoe powered by your own strokes. Prefer something a little less cramped? Take a ride into the heart of the swamp in a piloted airboat or flat-bottomed boat.

Below is a short list of tour companies offering Louisiana bayou tours – it is by no means a comprehensive list of all that are available. Be sure to find the tour that’s right for you!

New Orleans Swamp Tour

Big Easy Swamp
Airboat tours.

Cajun Encounters Swamp
Small, flatboat tours.

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours
Large group flatboat tours.

A New Orleans Kayak Swamp
Guided kayak tours – also offers flatboat tours.

New Orleans Lodging
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