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It’s Too Darn Hot – So Get COOLinary!

August 9th, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

The mercury’s well into the 90’s and stepping outside can be as inviting as a wrapping yourself in a warm, wet blanket – but don’t despair, COOLinary time is in the air!
COOLinary New Orleans
An August tradition, COOLinary New Orleans is the way many of the city’s dining establishments give respite to an overheated public in the form of otherwise unheard of meal-deals: three-course lunches at $20 or less and three-course dinners at $35 or less at over 50 award winning restaurants.

What better way to beat the heat than tucking into New Orleans’ signature vittles at some of the region’s best eateries?

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2012 French Quarter Festival

April 3rd, 2012 by bbnola

French Quarter Festival.

Trombone Shorty. Photo by Derek Bridges.

2012 is the 29th Annual French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. It’s beginnings may have been modest, but it is now one of the largest festivals in the city. It’s also free. Make your plans to attend now; find a room at a Bed and Breakfast New Orleans.

More than 800 musicians will take to 20 stages between April 12 and April 15. That means non-stop music. Jazz, Cajun, Funk, Gospel, Blues, Zydeco… if you like to listen to it, you’ll probably find it at the French Quarter Festival.

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Roadfood Arrives in New Orleans

March 6th, 2012 by bbnola

One of the best and worst aspects of a road trip is the road food. The annual Roadfood Festival in New Orleans focuses on the best. Come see for yourself, March 23-25, 2012.

Oysters at the New Orleans Roadfood Festival

Oysters at the 2010 New Orleans Roadfood Festival.

Tucked away in the far-flung corners of this country are innumerable road food finds. Just ask Jane and Michael Stern about it. They’ve been eating their way around the country for year, and they can tell you the best places to find a slice of pie, a reuben sandwich, and just about any other food you might fancy. Jane and Michael Stern will be at the Roadfood Festival. If you’re familiar with their work, you know they wouldn’t miss it.

The New Orleans Roadfood Festival brings plate after plate of fine food to the French Quarter. More than 30 restaurants will serve the dishes that brought them fame. What fun to eat New Jersey savory panzarotti and Tucson tamales in New Orleans.

Additional festivities include a Saturday night crawfish boil and Cajun fais-do-do, where you can dance to live music and feast on crawfish and whole hog barbecue. Also not to be missed is the Beignet Eating Contest on Sunday, March 25.

The Roadfood Festival is not about fancy, high-priced restaurants. It’s not about gourmet. It’s about everyday food, simple and tasty. It’s about roadside diners and small, independent restaurants from anywhere, U.S.A. What better place to get a taste of that than New Orleans?

Stay in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast while in town for the Roadfood Festival. Don’t forget to bring your appetite.

Please see for more information about Roadfood.

Reveillon 2011

December 14th, 2011 by bbnola

Reveillon dinners make Christmas in New Orleans wonderfully unique.

“Un réveillon” is a meal that takes place late, during the night. The word can be used to describe such a meal at any time of year, although it is now primarily associated with the celebratory meal enjoyed late on Christmas Eve. Many people traditionally sit down to Reveillon after Christmas Eve mass.

It should be no surprise that Reveillon is so widely celebrated in New Orleans. The town is, after all, inclined towards nocturnal activity and gustatory excellence. Reveillon is a natural extension of both.

While Reveillon traditionally takes place late on Christmas Eve, many New Orleans restaurants serve it throughout the month of December, at more reasonable hours. It is served as a prix fixe meal, with prices ranging from under $40 to more than $90 per person. Some restaurants offer choices within the menu, while others do not. It is worth researching such details before reserving a table.

Chefs go all out for the Reveillon. They serve such delights as Foie Gras Crème Brûlée, Turtle Soup, and Brouillade aux Truffles. They serve Sautéed Frog Legs and Pan Roasted Quail. They serve Smoked Duck Salad, Bouillabaisse, and Braised Rabbit. If you like to stretch the limits of your palate, you’ll like Reveillon.

Many New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts offer Papa Noël specials during December, which provide deep discounts on lodging. Please see New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts for a list of these inns. And remember–the more you save on lodging, the more you can spend on your Reveillon.

Please see Reveillon for a complete list of New Orleans restaurants serving this fantastically celebratory meal.

2011 Oak Street Po-Boy Festival

November 14th, 2011 by bbnola

Shrimp Po-Boy and Crawfish Étouffée at Felix´s

A Shrimp Po-Boy, served with style at Felix's Restaurant.

If you’re considering spending Thanksgiving in New Orleans, consider arriving a little early. People who travel for food will want not want to miss the 2011 Oak Street Po-Boy Festival, on November 20.

Po-Boys aren’t elegant and they can be messy, but they are oh-so-satisfying. They are comfort food at its finest. There’s a reason the Po-Boy has such a following. There’s a reason it has its own festival.

Po-Boys came into being during a 1929 New Orleans Transit Strike. Bennie and Clovis Martin, owners of the Martin Brothers’ Coffee Stand and Restaurant in the French Market, had worked as streetcar conductors and were sympathetic to the cause of the transit workers. In the words of Bennie Martin, “We fed those men free of charge until the strike ended. Whenever we saw one of the striking men coming, one of us would say, ‘Here comes another poor boy.'” They lengthened the traditional French loaf, and their bigger sandwiches sometimes fed whole families. Read more about the history of Po-Boys.

Nowadays, Po-Boys are a New Orleans staple and they’re enjoyed throughout the Southeast. You can put just about anything inside a loaf of French bread, and people do.

More than forty vendors will be at the 2011 Oak Street Po-Boy Festival, and there is a good chance more than 40 types of Po-Boys will be served. There will also be plenty of live music. Bring an appetite and wear dancing shoes.

New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts welcome Po-Boy enthusiasts. Choose a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast near the Oak Street Po-Boy  Festival, in the Carrollton District, or stay in one a bit farther away and burn off calories when traveling to and from the festival.



New Orleans Multicultural Museums

August 19th, 2011 by bbnola

new orleans - june11

The Backstreet Cultural Museum in New Orleans.

When summer temperatures soar, ducking into a New Orleans museum is one of the best activities you can do. Given the wonderful multiculturalism of New Orleans,  an exploration of New Orleans Multicultural Museums is a good place to start. Ask the innkeepers of your New Orleans Bed and Breakfast about their favorite multicultural museums, or simply visit them all.

Mardi Gras enthusiasts should start at The Backstreet Cultural Museum in the Tremé neighborhood. No other place in the world houses such comprehensive exhibits on New Orleans’ African American community-based masking and processional traditions. Many of these items were given to the museum’s founder, Sylvester Francis, who has photographed and recorded Mardi Gras celebrations, second-line parades, and jazz funerals throughout the city for decades.

Le Musée de f.p.c. is a beautiful house museum honoring the legacy of New Orleans’ free people of color. New Orleans was  home to one of the oldest and largest populations of free people of color prior to the Civil War. Some of these folks were born free, others arrived from the Caribbean Islands free, and still others worked and saved their money and purchased their own freedom. This is a fascinating museum.

New Orleans African American Museum protects, preserves, and promotes the communities of African Americans in New Orleans and the African diaspora. Particular emphasis is placed on the Tremé community, where the museum is located and which is the oldest surviving black community in the country. Exhibits change regularly, and focus on contemporary issues and art as well as historic ones.

There is so much to do and see in New Orleans that deciding where to start can be overwhelming. If your stay in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast coincides with a few hot days, start in one of the museums mentioned above.

Girlfriend Getaways New Orleans

May 11th, 2011 by bbnola

Share a plate of Barbecued Prawns in New Orleans.

New Orleans is a great city for Girlfriend Getaways, and New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts are a superb lodging choice for such occasions. Many inns host numerous Girlfriend Getaways each year, and some host the same groups year after year.

Women from all over the world gather with good friends in New Orleans, for countless reasons. Sorority Sisters host reunions here; high school friends relive fond memories here; groups of moms come here for a few days of R&R; book groups meet here to discover the land of Anne Rice and Tennessee Williams; music fans meet here during festivals; and so on.

Whether you are itching to get away or simply pining for good friends who live across the country, consider gathering a group of ladies together for a Girlfriend Getaway in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast. The inns listed under this category are in safe locations close to top New Orleans attractions. Some offer massage and spa packages, others include wine and cheese, while still other inns provide gift certificates for restaurants or carriage rides. Lodge in several rooms, a suite, or find an inn with separate cottages – there are many such options in New Orleans.

It is downright fun to experience New Orleans with good friends. Stay up late talking over drinks or listening to live music in local bars. Dance like you danced in college. Explore the city together by day, finding eclectic shops and amazing eateries. Share a Po-Boy or a plate of oysters. Drink coffee and eat beignets. Dance some more.

New Orleans is a festive place, which is why there is no better city for Girlfriend Getaways.

New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

April 29th, 2011 by bbnola

2011 is the 20th annual New Orleans Wine and Food Experience. This event is the stuff of dreams for anyone and everyone who loves food and wine. Indeed, people travel from all over the world to attend the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (or NOWFE); if you are interested in attending, consider reserving your spot in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast soon.

Looking forward to the 2011 New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, May 24-28.

To date, more than 60 wineries from around the country and the world have committed to attend NOWFE 2011. Participants will have the opportunity to taste wines from small vintners in North Carolina, large wineries in California, and many in between. Joining them are more than fifty New Orleans restaurants and restauranteurs.

2011 NOWFE events include:

  • Vinola Tasting: sample elite wines from around the world.
  • Royal Street Stroll: a unique blend of music, fine art, rare antiques, historic architecture and wine.
  • Seminars: learn about what’s hot in wine, beer, and food.
  • Wine Dinners: vintners and restauranteurs work together to create sumptuous meals paired with fabulous wines.

Don’t miss the 2011 New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, which runs May 24 – 28. Contact your favorite Bed and Breakfast New Orleans today.

Please see NOWFE for additional information about the festival.

New Orleans French Quarter Festival

March 21st, 2011 by bbnola

The French Quarter Festival brings a phenomenal amount of great music and food to the New Orleans French Quarter, April 7 – 10, 2011. It’s hard to imagine this part of town could get even more interesting and fun than it already is, but it can and it does.

Little Freddie King

Little Freddie King at the New Orleans French Quarter Festival.

The French Quarter Festival is the largest free music festival in the southern United States. It includes 17 stages and more than 100 performers. It showcases all genres of music, from big brass bands to classical to New Orleans Funk.

French Quarter Festival Music Lineup includes:

  • Rockin’ Dopsie
  • Little Freddie King
  • NOLA Jitterbugs

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The King of Cakes

January 6th, 2011 by bbnola

Carnival season officially starts today, January 6, 2011, with the Feast of Epiphany. That means now is the time to make your New Orleans travel plans and book a room at your favorite New Orleans Bed and Breakfast. One of the most compelling reasons to come is the food.

Mardi Gras King Cake

A colorful New Orleans King Cake.

The Feast of Epiphany is traditionally celebrated on the twelfth day after Christmas, and marks the Biblical Magis’ visit to the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem. For centuries, many cultures have celebrated the Feast of Epiphany with a King Cake, known as Galette des Rois in France. These cakes hold a treasure inside – historically a gold coin among the wealthy and a fava bean among the poor today often a ceramic or plastic charm; the lucky person who bites into the treasure has the honor of hosting the next King Cake Party.

The tradition of King Cakes in New Orleans extends back to the eighteenth century, brought by the French and Spanish who settled here. Not surprisingly, New Orleans has made the King Cake its own.

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